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If you drop in at those times you will get in a few games.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Island Tournament - 21 August 2011

We had five visitors and eleven of our own and five lunch-only guests, making 21 people altogether. That was a rather disappointing turnout, but we did have a lot of fun anyway. Only nineteen in this picture because some left before the end of play.

It was a Melee Competition with the emphasis on fun and because we only had eight teams we were able to give everyone a prize. $$$ for the Petanquers and trophies for the Best Dressed Wahine and Best Dressed Kane

Tahitian Grass Regalia

Monday, August 15, 2011

La Pétanque Marinière Inter-Club Tournament..

Six Lamorinda Petanquers went across to La Pétanque Marinière  on Sunday 14 August to play in their annual Inter Club Tournament. Follow the link to read up on what happened...

Etienne, Beth and Daniel got through to the Concours but sadly were defeated 13-10 in the first round, so we went home to Lamorinda and played there for the rest of the afternoon. But we did have a lot of fun.